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RH 257 Rare Himalayan Bracelet of Pema Raka Round Disc Beads and Sulemani Bhaisajyaguru Beads

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Rare and Wonderful Bracelet of Authentic Ancient Round/Disk Pema Raka beads, sourced in the Himalayas in the 1990's.The Pema Raka are a category of rare beads that have been heir loomed by Buddhist families in Tibet and Nepal.  Some Pema Raka beads may be as much as 2000 y/o.  the Pema Raka beads are combined with 5 Sulemani Bhaisajyaguru beads, and 12 antique 18k gold beads from India (lac core).   The Pema Raka beads average 9-9.5mm in diameter; the Sulemani beads measure 8-9 mm.  All of the beads are in excellent Ancient condition.  The bracelet measures approximately 8 inches and will fit a medium to medium large wrist.  

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