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PC 32 Rare and Beautiful Nicoya Culture Blue Jadeite Bracelet

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VERY RARE bracelet of Ancient Pre-Columbian Nicoya Culture(Costa Rica-200 AD) Jadeite Beads.These beads were crafted from the famous Blue Jadeite, so treasured by the Olmec Culture.The Pre-Columbian Costa Ricans transported the blue Jadeite from the Montagua Valley in Guatemala(where it was also sourced by the earlier Olmec Culture).The color is absolutely gorgeous, and the beads are in perfect condition.The bracelet is a mix of disc beads, and thinner cut Heishi beads. I have added 10 Antique 18K Beads(India) for a beautiful contrast. The Early Costa Ricans were also known for their skilled goldsmithing. The size of the disc beads ranges between 8mm to 9.5mm. The Heishi beads average 6-7mm in diameter. The bracelet measures a full 8 inches, and will fit a medium to medium-large wrist

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