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ITA 123 Fine Bracelet of Sulemani Bhaisajyaguru Beads with Gold

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SUPERB BRACELET of Very High Quality Sulemani Bhaisajyaguru beads.These are fabulous high quality ancient beads(2000+ y/o), with beautiful weathering and inclusion markings. There are 13 Sulemani beads; one bead that measures 12mm; the rest all measure 12.5mm-14mm in diameter, with most of the beads measuring 13mm. All of the beads are in very good ancient condition.  The are some dings, but no cracks. The gold bead is a 22K Pyu STYLE(contemporary) bead directly from Myanmar. This is a heavy, solid bead, and a beautiful complement to the Sulemani beads. It measures 18mm x 14mm. The bracelet measures approximately 7 3/4 inches, and will fit a medium size wrist.

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