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AS 113 Exquisite and Rare Necklace of Ancient Amethyst Beads

  • 2,50000

Rare and Gorgeous necklace of Ancient Amethyst Beads. These beads have stunning and beautiful amethyst color. Most of the beads(the bi-cone shaped ones) are from the Roman Era. The flatter ones, and the melon shaped bead, are from the Pyu Era. All of the beads are in solid condition. A number of the beads have light chipping on the edges of the bi-cones. All of the gold beads are antique gold beads from India.

The total length of the necklace is 20 inches. The size of the Pyu melon bead is 18mm x 13mm. The largest bi-cone measures 16mm x 12mm; the smallest bi-cone is 6mm x 4mm

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